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Restaurant Review I Monkey Bar, CP

Every once in a while comes a place that you just cannot have enough of. Monkey Bar is one such place. When it opened in Bangalore, us Dilliwalas couldn't wait for it to open in the capital. And when it opened in Delhi, we couldn't wait for it to spring another branch somewhere so that we didn't have to wait in lines.
And it didn't let us down. Opening in the heart of the city, Monkey Bar in Connaught Place, has found a perfect spot for its redux version. Nestled in the corner, overlooking the Outer Circle, this Monkey Bar gives you a fantastic view of the hustle bustle in CP. 

Ofcourse, coming back to Monkey bar meant that you wanted to try something new but still stick to the old favourites as well. So we knew pretty much what we wanted to drink as soon as we sat down - the Shazia Imli and Mangaa. Both fantastic cocktails that were sweet and sour and just perfect for the slanting winter sun.

We started our meal with three of the newer things on the menu - Pat Pong Chicken Skewers, Bang Bang Prawns and the Malabari Keema Samosa. 

Of the three, the Bang Bang Prawns were our favourite, the addition of the curry leaves gave the prawns almost a sort of gassi flavour - Manglorean flavours - that they were just succulent and fantastic. The Malabari Keema Samosas also had a beautiful crisp curry leaves stuffed inside that gave it a great texture, almost like a crackling in the mouth. 

We wanted something soupy next - so the Mobar Laksar was up next. I loved the bits of vegetables that were in the shrimpy broth Flavourful and hearty, we should have really stopped at that. But no, instead we also opted for the Waffle Sandwich. 

And here was where we had a bit of an issue - I love my waffles. People who know me, will attest to it, so a soggy waffle is a big no-no for me. As is too much fat on a strip of bacon.  Somehow the combination of a soggy waffle and bacon with so much fat was a big turn off. And considering that so many places are now doing a waffle sandwich, maybe Monkey Bar, should up their game a bit and make a sandwich that's well, atleast not soggy.

But the thing that really was outstanding was the Butter Chicken Khichadi - part risotto, part makhani and rice, it was just fantastic. Served with pappadums and a salad, it totally made my day. It was warm, comforting and so delicious. Something I can see myself ordering over and over.

As if that wasn't enough, it was time for dessert - the Filter Coffee Panna Cotta and the Mobar Sundae cup - were up. I love love loved the filter coffee panna cotta, it had the most beautiful robust flavours of coffee we just couldn't stop eating. The Sundae though could have done with a bit of a something fudgey, especially since it was supposed to be a take on the Nirula's Hot Fudge Sundae.

All in all, it was an afternoon well spent. Good food, great company and gorgeous views, could you really ask for anything more?

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  1. Such yummy dishes...Just loved it..Hope u had a gala time and experienced such wonderful food....