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Review I Jaipur Marriott. Media Fam.

Those 48 hours. It was as if they had barely begun, that they ended so quickly. It had everything that you needed on a vacation - personalised service, luxurious indulgences and great food plus, the amazing company to go with it. Could you really ask for anything more?

Apparently you could. Because as we drove to our Fam trip organised by Jaipur Marriott, we couldn't help but jabber on about the good things that came our way.

It all started with an early morning start and a pit stop at JW Marriott' s Delhi Baking Company where handwritten notes greeted us. A warm cup of hot chocolate and a goodie box later, we set out on the highway, only to stop on a dhaba midway to grab a couple of tandoori paranthas and copious amounts of sweet chai. With Maneesh, Deeba and Binisha and me in one car, a lot of gossip and chatter later, it was as if the journey had whizzed past us. Kalpana, Mridula and Natascha were in another car and we couldn't wait to catch up with them

So when we stepped out of the car at Jaipur Marriott, it was no surprises that we were ready to sit down for lunch. But first, we checked into our rooms, only to be greeted by monogrammed pillow cases (which we got to keep btw!) and a plate of petite fours.

Monogrammed napkins were set out for us as we sat down for lunch at Okra, their all day dining area. We also got to spend some time with the Executive Chef Sahil Arora where he talked about what the hotel and the food with us.

A spa session at O2 spa, where I opted for the Swedish massage and a good 15 minutes in the steam room later, we were all set for a casual tapas-style dining at Lounge 18, Jaipur's first ever transitional lounge. This lounge acts as a very grown up sort of recreational bar till 11 pm after which it morphs into one of the city's nicest night clubs.

I, ofcourse, settled close to the cheese while we were plied with the signature drinks. Here we got to interact with the General Manager, Rohit Dar, the F&B director, Sudeep Sharma and Lovesh Sharma, the director of sales and marketing. The evening wore on effortlessly as we listened to some music and nibbled on delicious bits of mezze, platter of cold cuts and ofcourse endless platters of cheese.

It wasn't until we were stuffed to our gills that we decided to call it a night and retired to our rooms, only to find a box of chocolates and a mister with Kahlua. Oh how they spoilt us.

The next morning, Deeba and I managed to find ourselves near the pool, before heading over for breakfast. And my word, what a breakfast it was. Waffles, pancakes, salads,eggs and a cereal bar. Oh and samosas and jalebis. We couldn't stop eating, because everything was delicious. But the jalebis I have to say, were by far the best thing on the menu.

We set out to sight see a bit of Jaipur - Albert Hall, Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort, Jaipur Pottery, later we decided to call it a day and sat down for lunch at Spice Court, where we encountered a very sweet cafe called D'Zurt that served us some delicious hokey pokey.

Shopping was next on the agenda, so we went to Johari bazaar and only returned when our feet couldn't move anymore. A tour of the Jaipur Baking Company and a little downtime later, we were set to have dinner under the moonlit sky at the poolside which paved its way for dinner at Saffron, the fine dining restaurant. Chef Paramjeet Singh Oberoi, had made a sumptuous meal for us, that included lots of kebabs (the mushroom galouti in particular was spectacular), many kinds of chutneys and some fabulous raan, that we just couldn't stop eating. Even the butter chicken is worth mentioning .

Oh and then there was dessert, a very interesting tomato halva, phirni tartlet and this amazing gulkand ice cream with brandy schnapps. Oh I was in heaven.

But it wasn't over as yet. Another handwritten note and a goodie bag that had a lovely notebook and a photoframe made the day even more special.

The next morning, as we all rolled out of bed and headed out for breakfast, we decided to keep things light. After all that eating through the last two days there was no space for some more. But I did attack the cereal bar, I couldn't help but dip my hands into a bowl of Rice Krispies and eat a big bowl of flavoured yogurt and well, some more jalebis.

It was time to say goodbye, but not until we'd all been given yet another present - all our monogrammed goodies came home with us, and beautiful Jaipur Blue pottery as well - and we still had to take a photograph of the whole group.

Jaipur Marriott showed spectacular hospitality. I have to say, it was one of the nicest mini vacays I've had in a long long time. Add to that a mix of really lovely staff, it was just as if I was meant to be there.

Now you see what I mean by those 48 hours.

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  1. Pure nostalgia. Reliving to good times. Was it just 48 hours? Gosh, felt like a lifetime of eating and making merry!