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Review I The Winter Menu @ Le Bistro du Parc

Every once in a while you get to eat a meal that you cannot stop talking about. And every once in a while you have the option to eat a meal with someone who loves food as much as you do.

Which is why the meal at Le Bistro du Parc this time round was special. One, the weather was spectacularly dreary and two, we hadn't caught up in a year.

So can just imagine the gastronomical delight that we were both in for. As she took in her surroundings, the quaint restaurant's menu which was written on a blackboard was propped up for us to read.

We chose somethings that we couldn't wait to try - the Mushroom and leek veloute with goat cheese and the carrot sponge with vegetable maki also with goat cheese - not that we meant to be vegetarian but just chose to eat more veggies before we decide on our entrees.

Beautifully presented, we got a plate of the house special - the chicken liver pate with pear coulis first. As delicious as it was, we knew that if ate this one big started we'd end up eating nothing at all. So we nibbled on the pickled cucumbers and ate the coulis instead of smothering it over a piece of toastie.

The Mushroom and Leek Veloute was like drinking silk. So velvety and so smooth this was a brilliant appetizer option to opt for.  The Carrot Sponge in the meanwhile was strangely very light and the foamy goat cheese was an excellent topping. The savouriness of both the ingredients made it quite spectacular because the carrots also brought in a hint sweetness with it.

Next up was the pan fried calamari. Which was by far our most favourite dish that day. Almost made in the style of a dry-tossed pasta, it was chock-ful of olives and tomatoes and beautiful garlic. It tasted light and heavenly and was so easy on the tongue.

Our mains included the tomato and mozzarella tart with caramelised onion with sauteed spinach, a fillet steak with beetroot medley and sweet potato cigar and the steamed black pomfret with mustard greens.

My favourite was the tomato tart. I love love love caramelised onion so this was a winner from the word go. The tomato too had been beautifully roasted and imparted a sweetness to the mozzarella and I just couldn't stop eating it.

The fillet steak was also excellent. Done to medium, it was beautifully succulent and almost melted-in-the-mouth. I loved the beets that came with it and wished they were slightly more so I got them in each bite.

The pomfret was the least favourite of my mains. I found the flavours extremely overpowering, somehow the mustard greens did not work for me at all.

We were already stuffed to the gills when we went ahead and ordered dessert -Valrohna Chocolat Rocher, Poached pear with vanilla cream and caramel sauce and Banana Pistachio Dacquoise with home made marshmallow.

Of course the chocolate was stellar. You cannot have a bad dessert if you're using Valrohna but what blew me away was the Banana Pistachio dacquoise. It was like eating a banana split without all the ice cream hassle. And the marshmallows, oh the marshmallows - bruleed and delicious with a tang from lemon.

All in all, this was an extremely memorable meal. We talked 19 to a dozen and ate till we were ready to burst, In the end, it was all about good food and great company.

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