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Masterclass I Learning Thai @ Neung Roi in Radisson Blu Plaza

I love Neung Roi. (Read the review here ). But you probably knew that already.  I love love love their salads. The Thai Pomelo Salad is out of the world. As is the Winged bean salad. So imagine getting a chance at actually learning these yummy things.

Called Thai Masterstrokes, the people at Neung Roi, Radisson Blu Plaza Mahipalpur organised an amazing Masterclass that included a handful of bloggers. We got to learn some spectacular dishes including Pla Yang Kami or the grilled sea bass, Gai Kaprow  or the stir fried chicken with basil and chilli, Yam Tuea Plu  or the winged bean salad, Tom Kha Gai or the chicken and coconut milk soup and finally Tub Tim Krob or the water chestnuts in coconut milk.

Chef Yenjai is a fantastic teacher. She’s funny and she’s patient and she’s incredibly nimble. Two hours just flew as she taught us all these fantastic things. She even gave us fantastic tips on how to keep the aromas in all the dishes, which are the good brands to use in the kitchen and ofcourse on plating.

After the class we got to sample all that was on the menu and more. Some grilled mushrooms, pad thai and that delicious Thai Pomelo salad were also brought to our table.

 Deeba and I opted to eat the Tom Kha Vegetarian, which might I add, is the best soup in the world while the others drank/ate  the chicken kind.

As we ploughed through the salads and mains, we also had the options for dessert – coconut ice cream, tub tim krob and the sweetened pumpkin. I was in heaven.

By far this was one of the funnest bloggers event we have done in a long long time. There’s truly nothing better than good food and great company.  

Image Courtesy: Deeba Rajpal
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