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Vegetarian I Thai-spiced Carrot and Citrus Soup

I can’t claim to love soups but if someone hands me over a cup, I’d be happy to drink/ eat it. Truth be told, I  have grown up eating a lot of strange soups made from whatever vegetables that my grandmother or mom could find in the fridge.

As I grew older, my palate obviously became slightly more refined, so I could distinguish one vegetable from the other.  I knew when the combination was of bottle gourds, tomatoes, onions and potatoes or when pumpkin carrots and onions had been bunged in together.

I definitely did NOT dig these soups.

The older I grew, the choosier I became. Especially since I had discovered a whole range of Thai soups that I could not get enough of. Even now my favourite soup remains the Tom Kha.

What I found to deal with however, was the mess with all that puree. You had to boil your vegetables, wait for it to cool down and then puree and heat again. The Philips Soupmaker really changed all that for me. And you can read the review here.

The Soup maker has done two things for me – much less mess and much less time consumed to make a soup. And I love these things about it.  The last time around I made a chunky soup with the machine, this time I decided to make a smooth  and blended soup.

This soup uses a bit of Thai curry paste and some peanut butter to give it those lovely Thai flavours. You get the aromatics from the lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves without actually having to go and look for these ingredients and the addition of the peanut butter makes it creamier and gives it a mellow nutty flavour to it.

Of course if you don’t have Thai curry paste, I’d suggest you get at least lemon grass for this soup,  otherwise you’ll  miss those flavours. I’ve used orange juice for the citrus part of my soup but you can just as easily add a bit of grapefruit or lemon or tangerine.

This is a very wholesome soup. And despite so many flavours, the carrot really shines through and makes for a great meal for dinner.

Thai-spiced Carrot and Citrus Soup
Serves 4

4 large red carrots
500 ml vegetable stock or water
1 tsp Thai red curry paste
1 tblsp smooth peanut butter
½ cup orange juice
Salt to taste

1.       Peel and chop the carrots roughly. Add  it to the soup maker.
2.       Add the stock or water to it along with the Thai red curry paste and the peanut butter
3.       Set it to the blend mode and wait for 20 minutes till the soup is ready.
4.       Once the soup is blended adjust for seasoning and add the orange juice to it.
5.       Serve hot.

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  1. Orange,carrot with peanut flavor ...thats bringing in the color flavor and texture sounds really yummy.I am sure the soup maker is a handy gadget to have when it comes to mess free cooking.