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Winter Menu Review I Guppy by ai

The menu has always been simple at Guppy.  Fresh flavours, clean plating and fabulous food that’s been the mantra forever. Keeping that in mind, the winter menu is all that and more.
We started our meal with Chicken Suimono ,clear chicken soup with root vegetables and chicken dumpling that was served in a tea pot.  Steaming hot, it really warmed us from the inside. But what was really fantastic about this soup was the broth – flavourful and light – it was delicious, and I was happy to keep sipping on it.

As we waited for our salad - Snow peas and mushroom in a sesame dressing, Edamame beans were brought out, and as always, that had the most perfect snap. The salad was so pretty that it was hard to eat. The punch from the sesame worked very well with the mushrooms and the corn and the beans really added a nice texture to the salad.

Crispy soft-shell crab came next – fried in a batter that had been lightened with some nitrogen – and it was A-mazing. Crispy and soft at the same time. Served with wasabi mayo this made for a delicious starter.

Of the Sushi we ate both Shake Maki or the Scottish Salmon sushi and the kappa Maki or the cucumber maki – both excellent.

Up next was the Nasudengaku inspired aubergine grilled – and was perhaps the best thing that afternoon. Pureed aubergine with onions, garlic and miso, it was like umami in a soft eggplant. Absolutely spectacular.

But this was overshadowed by the beetroot and plump avocado tartar. Delicious fresh flavours, the citrus dressing just made this spectacular.

We finished our mains with the Chicken Katsu Curry – A Japanese style curry that was light and easy on the palate with remarkable notes of warm spices. Served with sticky rice, a beautiful finish to a good meal.

For dessert we ate the warm apple and prune pie which was served with berry coulis. And Blueberry crepe with seasonal fruit flambe. I’d say eat the pie and forget about the crepe.

All in all, a beautiful meal in a beautiful setting.

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