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Food Festival I Hard Rock Cafe's Sizzle Food Festival

On till just March 22, the Sizzle Food Festival at Hard Rock Cafe's pan India is hodge-podge of flavours.

Let's start by saying that I actually really like the burgers and cocktails that Hard Rock Cafe offers. Infact one of my favourite order is a portion of the Nachos and then a burger while washing it down with a good cold daiquiri.

The Sizzler fest however really didn't do complete justice to an otherwise awesome menu. Don't get me wrong. The portions were huge. Atleast two people (if not more can easily share off a portion of the sizzler) and some of the things that came with it were delicious too.

We started our meal, with something that was not off the sizzler menu, but the long drive had ensured we'd worked up an appetite. A light and delicious salad with walnuts and oranges that whet our appetite.

We waited for our sizzlers to arrive as we sipped on our drinks  - The Bacardi Gold Sour and the Great Eastern Daiquiri. The Bacardi Gold Sour was pretty much a rum take on whiskey sour, while the great eastern daiquiri was a mix of mango juice and chilli and lots of rum. Potent and way too sweet. This cocktail needed some lemon and salt to balance it out.

The first sizzler was the Lebanese Vegetarian Fajita. A love child of Lebanese cuisine and Mexican, this sizzler stayed true to a lot of the Lebanese flavours since it was served up with some delicious and cool tzatziki alongwith some salsa, tortilla wraps and cheese and lettuce. Never the less, the combination worked well and was a winner.

Next up was the Hungarian goulash steak stew. I have to to say this was hands down a favourite for the both of us. The meat was tender and succulent and the accompaniments were a lovely flavoured rice and some salad. The problem however was the overpowering flavours of cinnamon which killed the delicate balance of flavours.

The Seafood platter - a mix of prawns, fish and squids were up next. And while it drew heavily from the flavours of the orient, this was the least favourite of the lot. The Chinese and tex mex combination did not work well. And I really wished I'd ordered the Lime and Tequila Prawns instead.

Nevertheless we plodded on. After dissing a number of dessert options we settled on the tres leches cake and the yogurt mojito mousse. I have to say, this is what made our day.

The tres leches cake completely hit the spot. Served with assorted fruits, this is the dessert I'd go back to Hard Rock and eat any day. The spongy cake bathed in three kinds of cold milk, made it one of the best things I had eaten in a long long time.

The yogurt mousse, though very good too, was overshadowed by the tres leches.

The festival is on till March 22. 

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