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New Menu Review I Travertino at The Oberoi New Delhi

One of the nicest things that can happen to you as a food blogger, is when you get to meet a chef who inspires you and cooks some delicious food up for you.

When I tried the new menu at Travertino at The Oberoi in New Delhi, I was thrilled. There was freshness in each bite, and the fact that the new chef, Chef Vincenzo Di Tuoro had used so much local produce that it made the meal extremely interactive and very fun.

Our tasting meal began with the Grilled Asparagus and Goat Cheese salad with baby beetroot in honey mustard dressing. The tang from melt-in-the mouth goat cheese worked wonderfully well against the beetroot dressing. The colours were stunning. So it was like eating with your eyes as much as it was allowing yourself to eat it.

Quinoa salad with the toasted lemon brioche, made from a very light appetizer. Served with a tomato salad and vanilla foam, the contrast of textures and flavours was like a party in the mouth. The squishy quinoa worked wonderfully against the crunch of the brioche while the foam swirled around the mouth lightly coating the tongue.

For our pasta course we ate the Parmesan cheese tortellini which was served with a Parmesan consomme, fresh celery and tomato dust. Yes, it all sounds so very poncy, but believe me, I could have eaten this tortellini all day long. The pasta was almost translucent allowing the flavours of the Parmesan to stand out. The consomme was beautifully clear and had a sharpness to it, which you could easily associate with fresh Parmesan. We also ate the homemade ricotta and brocolli agnolotti which was a soupy style pasta.

As the Main course, I opted for the Slow cooked pork belly while my companion ate the grilled red snapper with buffalo mozzarella and tomato. I love love loved my pork belly. The apple and red wine cream that came with it was fantastic - sweet and earthy, it complemented the pork very beautifully. Served with a side of grilled pak choy and mushrooms, this was one of my favourite dishes of the afternoon.

We finished our meal with a Slow cooked Belgian chocolate cake that was served with a hazelnut ice cream that had been made in house and the Cannolo with raspberry and mascarpone mousse. Both the desserts were spectacular but if you're looking for a reason to go try Chef Vincenzo's food, go for the Pork Belly. It is certainly one of the best I've had.

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