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Restaurant Review I Smoked Biryani House

I'd been reading some interesting things about Smoked Biryani House, before I decided to review it. After a visit, all I have wondered if people are just too nice to call a spade a spade, or do they really not know their food.

The truth is, if you were to ask me, if it's worth trudging across town to Noida to eat at this restaurant, I am probably going to say no. But I will lay down my reasons, before you to make up your mind.

First and foremost Smoked Biryani House, lays tall claims to be serving authentic Hyderabadi nizami biryani. Of the three biryanis we tried - the vegetable, the chicken and the mutton kheema, none of them were remotely Hyderabadi. Don't get me wrong, the biryani was good, it was just not Hyderabadi. The rice was fragrant and flavourful, but it certainly wasn't royal or even from the south.

We also ordered the Chicken 65 and the Apollo Fish. Again, decent enough. But they had no connection to the south. You cannot put curry leaves on everything and call it South Indian. Our starters tasted Indo-Chinese with a liberal helping of curry leaves. We did however eat a portion of the Vegetarian manchurian, which stood true to its name and was pretty good.

Of the things we ordered to drink - Mango Raapchik, Iced tea and rose lassi - only the mango raapchik turned out to be really delicious. The iced tea was like lemon water with a bit of colour thrown in from some tea. The rose lassi, well, the less said the better.

Dessert wise, we ordered the Kaddu ki kheer and the khubani ka meetha as well as the shahi tukda. Strangely it was the strange green coloured kaddu ki kheer which turned out to be the best of the lot. The Khubani ka meetha was a disappointment and the shahi tukda, I don't even want to explain how many ways wrong it was.

If you do go to Smoked House Biryani, eat the Kheema Biryani. It's really quite good. But not for a moment should you be fooled by the name Hyderabadi on the menu.

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