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Masterclass I Kebabs at The Great Kebab Factory with Chef Meraj Ul Haque

I love love love masterclasses. The tips, the tricks and the experience you get from watching a super chef in action just makes it worth my while.

So just imagine when an iconic restaurant like The Great Kebab Factory decided to let out some of their secrets in a fab masterclass conducted by Chef Meraj Ul Haque, how many would have possibly jumped at that opportunity. I obvious did.

The first of its kind ever, this masterclass taught us a few of the signature kebabs from the restaurant -  Bhatti ka murgh, Kasoondi tawa macchi, Hyderabadi Shammi Kebab, Dahi ke Kebab, Kathal ki tikkey and Sev and ananas ke chaat.

The ever-so-patient Chef Meraj explained everything very splendidly, even though he was often pelted with questions. His tips were fantastic. He explained why certain things worked and why some didn't. And he was so generous sharing recipes, because even though it wasn't on the agenda, the moment people asked him to make a biryani, he did.

The masterclass was followed by lunch - the kebabs remained the same with the addition of the galouti and one or two. I loved the dahi ke kebab and the sev and ananas chaat and I think I'm definitely going to be making both at home.

This was followed by a spectacular dessert display. The crispiest of jalebis, the thickest of kulfis. But my day was made when I saw the paan. Now that's what we call a masterclass

But I leave you with a recipe straight out of the repertoire of Chef Meraj - this Pineapple and Apple Kebab will hit the spot and how. Refreshing, light and so delicious, it's something everyone must have in their recipe books.

Sev and Ananas ki Chaat
Serves 4

Apple                         500 gm
Pineapple                     2 no
Hung Curd                  200 gm
Tomato ketchup          100 ml
Roasted Jeera              1 tbs
Black crushed pepper  1 tbs
Amchoor powder       1 tbs
Black salt                   ½ tbs
Kasoori methi            a pinch
Garam masala            a pinch
 Honey                       2 tbs
 Oil                             50 ml


1. Wash and peel pineapple and cut into desired shapes. Cut Apple also in similar shape.
2. Bring hung curd into mixing bowl, add powder spices make the marination of it.
3. Add Apple & pineapple into it. Combine well & rest for an hour.
4. Cook on a Flat Pan, char grill or tandoor. Serve hot.

Oh and there's another Masterclass on April 25. If you want to go you know where to hit them up.

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