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Restaurant Review I Desi Roots

I've been talking about three meals that governed a major part of last month - one mediocre, one pretty good and one really delicious. This review is that of the one that was really delicious.

Let me put it out there - Desi Roots is a poor man's Indian Accent. The presentation is inspired. The menu is inspired and certainly the experience is inspired. But that suits me just fine. Because at the fraction price, you are still getting a meal that's fantastic and will have you talking about it for weeks.

Quirky interiors that have been divided into three distinct sections ensured that we could sit wherever we pleased and we opted to sit in the center where we could listen to the music from the bar yet look at who was coming and going.

The amuse bouche was a lovely little dal vada which came in a nice little mason jar for effect. My companion for that evening, was a friend, who preferred old fashioned Indian food over everything else. So, more than anything, it was she who was completely impressed.

Next up we'd ordered a portion of the Bhatti da paneer, desi khurchan pulled kathal taco, a deconstructed samosa chaat and the kulle chaat.

Each one of these dishes was delicious but the deconstructed samosa chaat was the best. Crisp pastry, tangy potato filling with a side of yogurt spiced with some tangy sweet tamarind chutney, this was a delicious dish and we wiped our plates completely clean. The Kulle Chaat was an eye opener for my friend. She'd never known something like this existed. Pieces of watermelon scooped out and filled with tiny flecks of popped chickpeas and a spice mixture that is sweet sour and spicy at the same time. Oh so divine.

The Pulled kathal taco, a straight lift from Indian Accent, lacked the oomph that the one at Indian Accent has, but was still wonderful while the bhatti da paneer had a lovely smokey flavour to it.

For our maiins we ordered the Khichadi ke chaar yaar, daal baati choorma and the Pepper chicken ghee roast with churi chur naan.

The Khichadi ke chaar yaar - were four different khichadis made with four differnt grains - jowar, bajra, riceand quinoa. Served with a bit of pickle, some paapad and a side of cool yogurt, it was one my favourite dishes on the table. I loved the jowar ki khichadi the most because of the texture and wish I could have gotten another helping.

The daal baati choorma came in its own platter, with mason jars, tiny bottles of ghee and ofcourse a side of sweet choorma. The bati was smashed by our server from the back of a kullad. I loved the crispness of the baati, the daal was very nice not overly spiced and the lashings of ghee just brought it all together.

The pepper chicken ghee roast with the chur churi naan was up next. Robust and balanced this was a nice pepper chicken. I wouldn't call it authentic south Indian style but it was very nice nonetheless. The churchur naan was very flaky and could have been eaten just plain since it was so yummy.

For dessert we'd ordered the Jamaluddin Kheer and the Badam Halwa Baklava with Shrikhand. The kheer was very nice but too podgy. I like my kheer to be a little on the runny side, the podginess didn't allow me to enjoy it that much.

The Badam Halwa Baklava with the Shrikhand was a bit of a disaster. As in the combination did not work at all. They did taste much better one their own. While Baklavas are sweet, this baklava took it to another level of sweetness which I, the person with a sweet tooth, could not eat at all.

All that apart, the meal was fantastic. Inspired or not, this is a place that's worth a visit.

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