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Restaurant Review I Schengen Deli

A couple of weeks ago, I ate out three consecutive days. And strangely I had three distinctly different experiences. Even though I wasn't comparing the kind of cuisine I was eating, the experiences were also completely unique. From a sub par meal to a meal that was pretty good to a fantastic meal, it was quite an unusual experience for me. 

This review is that of a meal that was pretty good. At Schengen Deli, some things were a revelation while others needed a bit of tweaking. We started our meal with some Iced Tea. A tall refreshing glass of ultra tangy iced tea needed loads of sugar to balance it out. As we ordered our appetizers, we took in our surroundings and nibbled on some marinated olives and some beautiful tomato brioche. 

Spread over three floors, the interiors of the deli are pretty simple. Some wall plates, some paintings of Paris and lots of white walls making it very easy on the eye. Quirky retro fans and telephones make for excellent conversation starters while the upholstery is really what made the place for me. Library prints in black and white just made me want to take the sofas home. 

Our Rocket, Apple and Walnut salad made for a great beginning. The caramelized walnut brittle worked well with the sharp rocket while the apple was nice and crunchy. I did think they could have been more generous with the feta.

Cajun spiced chicken skewers with some peri peri mayo were up next, which was also served with some hummus and pita both of which were quite delicious. I liked the size of the chicken skewers and that the spices did not overwhelm the meat. The hummus was very smooth and creamy and I thoroughly enjoyed the dish.

As we looked around, we realised that it was the burgers and pizzas that people had been ordering, so we opted to do a portion of both. The Six cheese pizza and the Sweet Potato and Haloumi burger. As you can see we really weren't afraid of cheese. 

I loved loved loved the Sweet potato burger. A nice hefty sweet patty which worked so well with the tangy halloumi. Served with Mc Cain fries, which was a bit of a disappointment because thick cut fries would have really done so much justice to the dish. Of course this was a gigantic burger, so I had to remove the bun and nibble on the patty.

The six cheese pizza was also delicious. The crust could have been a little more crisp but otherwise you could taste the gorgonzola as much as you could taste the feta and the fresh mozarella. The drizzle of the pesto oil really elevated this pizza. We also tried the pan fried prawns with citrus salsa, but it was way to fishy for me. I did enjoy the mashed potato that came with it but I did mention the fishiness to the chef. 

For dessert we opted to have a red velvet cupcake from the deli downstairs which turned out to be awesome. Unbaked and filled with color that you could taste, this was plain bad news. The double chocolate mousse however was quite delicious and that's what inspired the Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake that I made the other day. Balanced with some nice bits of hokey pokey, it was a sweet finish to a good meal.

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