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Frozen I Nutella Fudgsicles or Hazelnut Chocobars

Ok I know that I am posting back to back Nutella recipes. But there is a reason. Believe me there is. After making that fab Banana Nutella Ice cream I was left with half a jar of Nutella. It lay on the counter staring at me for a day and I was mighty tempted to cram it all into my mouth.

The only way I could stop myself from eating the rest of the jar was by making something. I needed to make something quickly with minimal fuss because I couldn't see myself standing in the kitchen for too long. It was just that hot.

As I spied the popsicle mould perched in a corner, I realised what I wanted was to make something cold that I could eat at the end of the night. And so fudgesicles it was.

Super quick, almost mess-free these Nutella Fudgesicles are a dream to make. Just make a large cup of hot chocolate and add half a jar of Nutella into it and freeze. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I have to say, nothing but nothing was a bigger hit than these ice lollies. My brother, whose visiting ate one almost after every dinner and my husband wanted these for breakfast. They were really that good.

Ofcourse you can fiddle with the recipe, make it sweeter or more chocolatey, but for me this recipe worked just wonderfully.

Bottom line it, forget what I am saying - just MAKE. IT. NOW

Nutella Fudgesicle or Hazelnut Chocobars
Makes 6

250 ml milk
2 tbslp condensed milk
3 tblsp drinking chocolate mix  (if you're using plain cocoa use 2 tblsp)
150 ml Nutella
a pinch of salt


1. In a saucepan add all the ingredients and heat gently until combined well.
2. Pour into popsicle mould. Freeze for atleast 6 hours or overnight.
3. Demould and eat.

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