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Review I SelectED Events & Dining. A Bespoke Catering Event at Heritage Village, Manesar

It may have been the peak of summer that just made me want a getaway badly. So when SelectED, the events and dining section of Select CityWalk decided to host a three part meal in a beautiful little resort in Manesar, not even hell could have stopped me from being there.

The three-part meal included a large spread for High Tea, a very quaint sit-down dinner and finally culminated in a beautifully spread out brunch the next morning. 

As we arrived at Heritage Resort & Spa in Manesar, Ishaan Sarkar, CEO of SelectED greeted us and gave us a glimpse into what we could expect for the next 24 hours. The idea, he said, was to experience all that the catering service could do and well, more.

Here's what I loved about SelectED - the personalised service. I loved the cute little touches with the personalised cupcakes, the menus and even the takeaway tokens. I loved how the entire staff knew us by name and how beautifully curated and designed it was.

I had this beautiful cupcake bouquet with my mug on a cookie in my room when I arrived. I think I was floored by then. A nap later it was time for the first event - the High Tea.

The High Tea

The High Tea was perhaps my least favourite of the three meals. I understood what the chef wanted to do - make a sweet table a la Sugar Stars on TLC but, it didn't work out conceptually because of the space crunch. From profiteroles to cupcakes to cookies. There was something for everyone. But only two desserts worked for me - the Spiced carrot madelines, which I thought were delicious and the Californian Avocado Pie - something distinctly different. 

The Linzer cookies and the chocolate danish were a bit of miss as were the Coconut Truffle Pops. But what I sorely missed were the savouries. So while the Quinoa tikkis and the Empanadas were fab, I just felt the Golgappass and the mini pizzas really didn't make the cut. And frankly the sweets outnumbered the savoury, making it quite unbalanced.

Having said that, it was nice to sit down and drink some tea and look around and chat up with everyone who was a part of those 24 hours.

We got a little time to rest between this and the big meal - the sit down dinner. Making up my mind whether I wanted to dress up or go my bhangi self, I think I made a good call to dress up.Because when I landed at the event - there was a fabulous cocktail party that was already underway. A lovely selection at the bar, I opted to drink an apple mojito, which I loved and drank through the next two events.

The Sit-Down Dinner

Two beautifully laid out tables decorated with just the most gorgeous candles and flowers, really took my breath away. There's really nothing quite like simple elegant dining. As it happened, I was seated next to Ishaan and Sid. Ishaan told me that at every event, he made sure that the chairs were repainted and that the flowers were fresh. Sid and I, instead just giggled over everything.

With our names on the menus, the first course was the Sarson ka saag mousse with the makki ki roti biscotti with a lassi shot as an accompaniment. What an amazing mouthful. The mousse was so light and flavourful, and the biscotti crusty and delicious. I would have happily popped a few more. 

For the second course, we had a choice of the Lobster, Salmon, Cottage Cheese and Eggplant. I, ofcourse, opted to eat the eggplant or the Ennai Kathrikai with String Hoppers topped with Tamarind Salsa. What a fabulous dish! The tartness from the tamarind paired beautifully with the eggplant which was flavoured with sesame and jaggery. A simple elegant dish, which was just fabulous. 

The sugarcane granita though was a bit if a damper. It was supposed to be a palate cleanser but instead was more like dessert. A bit of lime and some salt would have worked wonders for this.

Up next was a choice between the Gucchi Khichdi with Nimona Fragrant Basmati Rice,  Chicken nehari with pulled chicken khichadi and the New Zealand lamb chops with aam papad and kokum jus. To be fair, I wanted to try them all. So Sid and I decided to order different things and then share our portions. The Chicken Nehari was beautifully spiced. Mellow and delicious, this was a surefire winner for me. That is until I tasted the lamb chops. Oh. My.Word. The meat for the chops were tender and the accompanying kokum jus just elevated the dish completely. 

We managed to sneak in a taste of the Gucchi Khichadi too, and I must say, the vegetarians were in for a treat.Earthy and light, this was a way too delicious to be underestimated. 

Finally our dessert platter was brought out - ghevar, gulab jamun tart and a chocolate cup with raspberry sauce. All very nice, but not something I'd really want to eat again. Except maybe the chocolate cup, that was truly delicious. 

We all spent some time chatting before we called it a night and were told to take our time to come for brunch. 

The Outdoor Sunday Brunch

A lazy morning later, I was joined my husband and siblings for this meal. As we made our way to the garden, we were taken aback by how beautiful it was. Outdoor catering that was just fantastically laid out with beautiful huge copper pots, wooden embellishments and live stations.

Salads, fruits,  cold cuts, pastas, eggs - there was some intense amount of food. I ofcoursed spied the haleem over everything else and made a beeline to it. And loved it completely. Next up I opted to eat the Char Sui Bao off the like Bao counter. I ate the first one with great gusto and then ended up eating another two, because it was really so good.

But there were biryanis to try, daals to taste and so many meats to eat, that by the time we'd finished our meal which we began at 11.30 am, it was already 3 pm! And because I didn't really like the desserts the last two meals, I began the sampling of the desserts very tepidly. Oh how stupid I was.

The mangoffee pie was outstanding, as was the wasabi ice cream. The chocolate pots de creme, the pannacottas oh my, the desserts very simply exquisite. I had truly underestimated the dessert chef and have to say it was one of the most fabulous dessert counters I'd seen in a buffet.

As if that wasn't enough, we all got an amazing chocolate cake to takeaway in our goodie bag. Boy they really knew how to spoil us. 

SelectED is now a year old. They take only one order a day, so you can imagine the queue for something so fantastic. My advice is that if you have an event coming up, book them now.

Details:Select ED, Select Office Tower, 7th Floor, Select Citywalk, Saket, New Delhi-110017.
Tel: +91 95607 86491
Website: www.selected.in

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