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Review I Tamra. All Day Dining At Shangri-La's Eros Hotel

I haven't been blogging. That's just stating the obvious I guess. But I really didn't have the time. So with posts piling up like crazy I just had to take the plunge to clear my debt.

But between a new job, a restaurant project, adopting dogs, unlimited house guests and my sister relocating, there was just never time to do what I wanted to i.e. blog. Not that I was cooking any less, mind you, I was cooking aplenty but I never had the time to photograph and then manage to sit down and write a post.

So now, as I sit with a clear head, now I blog.

First up is this memorable dinner I had at Tamra, the all-day dining at Shangri-La, a few months ago. High ceilings, low lightning, the company  of my father and sister and a menu that was simply exhaustive, it was a great evening to be alive.

First up, was the signature mocktail served in Tiki Tiki glasses. Refreshing, but super sweet, we switched to our favorites pretty quickly after that. Here's what you need to know about Tamra - there's just a lot of food - from Japanese to Italian to Chinese to Regional Indian and even good old fashioned Ghar ka Khaana. And what seems like unending is just the tip of the iceberg because I haven't even mentioned the salad bar or the dessert bar.

The Thai Chicken Croquetas were recommended to us, so we try. While the flavors of the lemongrass shone through beautifully, it was the chicken that bothered us quite a bit, the eat was way too meaty tasting and it was hard to even finish one..

But that didn't deter us from eating some more. Dimsums - corn and mushrooms and chicken sui mai - were both very light and easy but it was the vegetarian sushi that blew me away. The vegetarian maki roll and then california roll were both just perfect and the wasabi wasn't out of a tube and so you could get this brilliant hit from it.

The watermelon feta salad was absolutely stellar. This was no ordinary feta, but fresh thick chunks of cheese that were absolutely melt in the mouth. The crisp and sweet pieces of fruit, sharp rocket and the caramelised walnuts were just the perfect combination to this cheese.

We tried the focaccia and the pita pockets but what was surreal was the Indian food. The good old daal makhni , the chicken tikka and the amritsaru fish were what hit the spot. The daal was creamy and rich while the tikkas were delicious and flaky. The flavours were bang on and every bite was just utterly comforting.

So even when we thought we couldn't eat another morsel, the dessert menu was then shown to us. The signature Tamra Chocolate - shaped like a chocolate bomb - dissolved into a chocolaty mess when hot chocolate was poured over.

Then we just couldn't help our selves so we ordered the Grilled Pineapple and the Gulab Jamun flambe. Oh my lord. The combination of the hot and sweet pineapple with cold icecream was just amazing. Soaked in rum, this was perhaps my favourite dessert ever. Until I tried the Gulab Jamun flambe - oh the booziness of this dessert just took me to another time. Truly a dessert for big people, this dessert should be marked A.

Go to Tamra. Eat the Indian food. And the dessert. Both will take you to a higher place.

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