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Dessert | White Chocolate Sunflower Seed and Caramel Brownies

It's been a busy couple of months. I started work full time in June last year with a food tech start up, then one restaurant that I was consulting with launched in September while the the second opened to public in December. So between this and the stream of house guests, I could barely cope with taking pictures, let alone, try and write a post.

But here I am. And it's a brand new year. Which means there's a chance I behave myself better this year! Atleast when it comes to the blog!

So, as is my ritual, I have to start the year with something sweet. I feel it sets precedent for the coming year, and in my head means the year is going to be super sweet, filled with yummy goodies and just fabulous things to eat.

With that, I wish you a very happy year ahead and present to you these uber decadent brownies - White Chocolate Sunflower Seed and Caramel Brownies. The base of the brownies is cocoa and not chocolate allowing all the mix-ins to to sit together and form a gorgeous flavour on it's own.

Chewy and delicious, the sunflower seeds add a gorgeous crunch to the brownie, while the sticky caramel just melts in the mouth. But that's enough about these brownies, what really matters is that you make these and quickly.

White Chocolate Sunflower Seed Caramel Brownies

Serves: 12


100 grams butter
1  cups sugar
¾ cup plus cocoa powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
3 cold large eggs
½ cup all-purpose flour
½ cup white chocolate chunks
½ cup hard caramel cut into bite sized pieces
½ cup sunflower seeds


1. In a heavy bottomed pan heat the butter, sugar, cocoa powder together. Mix till the butter melts and the cocoa and mixes in well. Turn off the heat and keep aside.
2. Meanwhile chop the chocolate and the hard caramel, measure out the sunflower seeds and keep aside.
3. Now into the cocoa mix, add  in the eggs one by one ensuring they mix in well. The batter will now start looking glossy and thick. Add in the vanilla as well.
4. Sift in the flour and the salt and whisk for about 2 to 3 minutes. The batter will turn slightly elasticky, which is a good thing.
5. Add in the white chocolate chunks, sunflower seeds and hard caramel.
6. Pour into a prepared brownie pan (a pan that has been lined with parchment paper). Bake at 170 degree centigrade for about 20 minutes. The skewer should not come out clean, a little stickiness will ensure that the brownie is nice and chewy.
7. Once the brownie is cool, cut into pieces and refrigerate for up to a week, if it lasts that long.

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