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Review | Chef's Table at Latitude, Vivanta by Taj, Gurgaon

It's always awesome to meet a new chef in town. It's interesting to see what his vision is like and what he's setting out to do.

Meeting Chef Arzooman Irani was just as interesting. While he really was not able to interact one on one since the table was so large, he did manage to send us all off with an amazing present - that of homemade rose petal jam.

The meal in itself was underwhelming. I mean, actually the service was. Because by the time one end of the table got their food, the other end was on an entirely different course altogether. Quite strange.

Most of the food that reached was borderline cold, and sometimes not until be egged the bearer to bring it. Oh well, c'est la vie.

The menu was contained. We started our meal with compressed watermelon, which actually came to me just before dessert, but nevertheless. Spaghetti vegetables, feta cheese, watermelon and balsamic pearls. It had the potential to be amazing, it was honestly lacking in all areas of flavour. There was not enough cheese, not enough balsamic and the watermelon was sadly tasteless.

Next up, were the jalapeno and cream cheese rangoons which were very nice. A nice dumpling of the two. While the mains were all sharing portions, what was really nice was the Sri Lankan Vegetable Black Curry. I loved the flavours of coconut and curry leaves and the heat of the peppercorn worked wonderfully with it.

I ordered a cold coffee and I have to say it was one of the best I'd ever had. While it was off the menu, it certainly was very delicious.

The small portion of the rigatoni honestly meant we couldn't taste all the good stuff that went into it - enoki mushrooms, fresh basil -a slightly larger portion would have meant we'd gotten all in one bite. We'd even had the tangdi chicken, lasooni rasgulla palak and sarson machchi.

For dessert, we were served baklava. Beautifully plated and presented, it was an unusual choice for dessert. Don't get me wrong, it was good baklava, it just wasn't the best dessert option.

What was fantastic was the rose petal jam that the chef handed us at the end of the meal. That was so full of potential.

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