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Baking | 3 Ingredient Nutella Loaf Cake

It's World Nutella Day today which means this is a day dedicated to me. Ok I kid. This should technically be my most favourite day ever, if and only if I had a huge repertoire of friends who bought me Nutella by the kilo.

The other day I wrote ten points why I love Nutella so much. If you haven't read that already, you must read it here. The truth is, I haven't found an ingredient as versatile as this.

I am always trying to look for super simple recipes to make with Nutella. I have made quite a few cakes with Nutella such as this one. But what I've seen what work the best are my 2 or 3 ingredient Nutella recipes that are basically hassle free. Take this Flourless Nutella Cake for example - just two ingredients and it poufs up to become a beautiful cake. Like magic almost.

Then there's the Banana Nutella Ice Cream. Again a two ingredient recipe. But so quick that it's almost unbelievable. Oh and how I can I forget my Nutella Brownie Bites. Oh. My. God. If there's a recipe I have loved more than anything, it's been this one.

So for World Nutella Day, I decided to figure out something super simple too. And something I could whip up in a jiffy. This cake is exactly that. Eggs, Flour, Nutella and a pinch of salt that well, optional. Pop it in the oven and the next thing you know the cake is done. Drizzle some Nutella and serve!

Nutella Loaf Cake
Makes 1 large cake or 4 small loaves

250 grams Nutella
150 grams flour
4 eggs
a pinch of salt


1. In bowl, whisk the the eggs until they are foamy and almost double in size.
2. Mix in the Nutella, the eggs will air out a bit, put don't worry
3. Sift in the flour with the salt and then using a spatula cut and fold into the batter until mixed.
4. Bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees.
5. Drizzle more Nutella and serve.

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  1. Hi...just wanted to know if you made use of the self raising flour in your recipe as there is no mention of the baking powder.