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Restaurant Review | Pluck at Pullman Aerocity

I'm going to say this outright. This was perhaps the best meal I've had in a long long time. Heck, it's certainly the best meal I've had so far in 2016.

It was so good, that I've already gone back twice. Once for a complete meal and another time just for that deadly Parmesan and burnt garlic soup. Which by the way is the love. 

Situated at Pullman Aerocity, close to the International Airport, Pluck is a sort of farm to table restaurant in the city. Why farm to table? Because most of the greens and veggies are all grown in the vicinity and then used in their salads, dressings and sides. Pretty cool huh?

Our meal started with a beautifully plated amuse bouche. A little arancini with bread dust. Simple, stunning and just delicious. A few fresh salad leaves arranged in a vase along with the day's dressing - I had the sundried tomato dressing - made its way to the table. Very nice. As were the flavoured butters and home-made breads.

Then came the best part ever - the soup. This gorgeous molten preparation was like eaten a river of Parmesan. Velvety smooth and so fantastic, this is the stuff that dreams are made of. I could have eaten bowl fulls of this soup. At least three before I had my fill. Plus after I saw this one particular episode of Chef's Table, I couldn't stop dreaming of this soup.

The Pluck special Caesar Salad was also very nice. Fresh and crisp leaves, with thin slices of croutons and parmesan, what set it apart were the pieces of candied orange and a beautiful raspberry vinaigrette. I loved the textures at play and was very happy with my choice.

For my mains, I opted to eat the black cod, whilst my companions tried the broccoli and quinoa cake and the sous vide chicken with home fries. Every single one of this dish was so beautifully presented. They looked like works of art and it took quite a bit of cajoling to eat it.

My cod had a lovely crispy skin and was served with the smoothest mash in the world! That and puy lentils just made the entire meal complete. The broccoli cake too was a winner all the way. The quinoa just lifted the dish completely and the lemon butter it was served with, was absolutely stellar.

Finally, it was time for dessert - we tried two the first time - Yuzu and white chocolate flan and the double chocolate mouse. Again, absolutely stunning looking and my favourite was the yuzu and white chocolate flan.

But here's what happened the second time I went - I'd ordered the Gulab jamun creme brulee and the pear and toffee as well as the other two and was underwhelmed by all three other than the flan. Just some place the flavours are amiss and I was a little saddened by that. Even then, it's a brand new restaurant and it's only going to get better from here.

But all in all, what. a. meal. I still can't stop talking about it.

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  1. It absolutely was moment regarding delicacy : we all experimented with a couple of initially : Yuzu and also white-colored chocolates flan as well as the twice chocolates mouse button. Once more, totally beautiful seeking and also my own preferred has been the particular yuzu and also white-colored chocolates flan.
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